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Tattoo setrið contract 

- Minimum age to get tattoo is 18 years old. In some cases, it might be able to get tattoo younger than 18 with parental consent.

- Most of our artist are self employed. The shop can only be responsible if booking is made from our website or from our social media. Clients need to pay the service throw the company account (not artist) to be able to get refund.

- It is important for people who is getting a tattoo know about the risks and the harm it can cause.
- It depends on people skin type how the result will be, usually people have good skin to work with.
- If the client ask for touch up it need to be done when the tattoo is completely healed and not later than 8 weeks from the tattoo is made.
- Tattoos are permanent and can only be removed with special laser procedures.
- The shop does NOT responsible for chosen artist, if you want touch up / complain, contact the artist.
- There is always a risk of infection, especially in the first few days after the tattoo was made. People are asked to listen to the artist. Keep it clean and don’t do something stupid like... 
- Take a bath with unhealed tattoo
- Picking, scratching or peeling unhealed tattoo
- Please ask the artist if you want to know more about what is good and bad for new tattoos

- Getting tattoo from apprentice is usually cheaper or even free at some point but clients needs to know getting a tattoo from apprentice is risky in the beginning of their career. If clients wants to get touch up, the shop is NOT responsible but we do our best to find solution for clients. If it needs to be fixed with other artist in the shop the client needs to pay for the touch-up.

Guest spot artist
- Like the local artist, the shop is not responsible for the chosen artist / guest artist. The guest artist rent spot at the studio, use the studio for social promotions and get some extra help for ex-sample help with payments. If the clients is unhappy please contact the guest artist to find solution.

- Be sure text, numbers, word are CORRECT when the stencil is already on the skin. It is the client's responsibility to READ the text and check the spelling and correct year BEFORE tattooing (regardless of whether you send the text in computer format or not)

- People should notify the tattoo artist if they are on medication, e.g. blood thinners, both of which can lead to more bleeding, “blow out lines” 
- Attention... Painkillers is usually blood thinners and can cause problem.
- Getting a tattoo is not a painless operation, it is a major skin irritation and in individual cases people may pass out. Blood sugar can drop and to prevent that it is good to ingest sugar and even bring snacks that contain sugar with you.
-It usually takes two weeks for a tattoo to heal but it depends on few things, like client skin type, tattoo style, uses of special ink and how tattoo is made. The tattoo can look ugly in the middle of healing process so please be passion and make it heal 100% before panic  ;) 

Signing this letter means that you have full confidence in the artist submitting the work and that you have read the information above and the consequences it may cause.        

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